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Sell more with WiFi Marketing.

Get more leads, sales, and upsells for your business with WiFi Marketing. Demonstrate your expertise by offering the most innovative service in local marketing to your customers with an automated marketing tool. WiFi Marketing will give you an instant lead flow and recurring revenue for your business.

Add new recurring revenue streams to your existing business model with WiFi Marketing. Your competitors are likely not familiar with all that WiFi Marketing has to offer. Be one of the first ones to explore this opportunity.

Generate more revenue with a built-in Ad Server for banners and video. Being able to make better strategic decisions and expand your media reach will enable you to drive better results for your customers. In turn, this will be a great basis for upsells.

A lightweight and flexible API that integrates with any software platform that allows you to fully integrate with 3rd party services and expand your WiFi functionality in a matter of minutes and no coding required.

WiFi Marketing

With our WiFi Marketing service you can turn your internet connection in to an automated branding tool for your business, your customers get easy and fast wifi login and you increase your brands social visibility in return. You can install our software in most commercial routers and use it just about anywhere: Senior Housing, Hospitals, Venues, Doctors Office, Retail, Food, Hotels, Motels and so much more.

You can turn your free wifi connection in to an untapped revenue generator as you will be able to promote services, promotions, send out emails or text messages and even check your customers traffic tendencies so you can adjust your marketing campaigns properly; all done from one of our specialized marketing managers.


Insightful Guest Data

Real time data at your fingertips. Up-to-date Guest WiFi data in a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that can automatically collect guest profile information, including: Full Name, Email Address, Birthday, Gender, Phone Number, Login Location, Device Type, Operating System, New vs Returning, Time Spent, Automation History, Aggregated Revenue and so much more...

Custom Splash Pages

Easily create beautiful guest WiFi experiences without a designer and instantly make changes to your captive portal remotely from the cloud utilizing the industry’s easiest-to-use and fastest-loading captive portal designer with a lightning-fast WiFi login experience


Automation Made Easy

Automatically send guest data to your marketing stack with ‘smart’ connection triggers and actions to send emails, SMS messages and integrate with 3rd-party APIs. Run smart rules that trigger automations with your favorite CRM, Email Autoresponder and 1,000+ 3rd-party apps using Zapier.

Compatible Software API's

With our state of the art system you can easily upgrade your service using 3rd party API's which are connected through your dashboard and do not require any additional coding from your part, we use simple plug and play technology for all the most common services like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Mailchimp, Stripe, Twitter, Zapier, Constant Contact, Google, Keap, Webhooks and so much more.

Compatible Hardware

Our software is compatible with a wide range of commercial access points (Routers) this way if you prefer to purchase externally or already have an access point (Router) you can use; our simple installation process will allow you to install our software directly from your user dashboard and start generating brand loyalty with your customers. You can install our software on routers such as Meraki to TP-Link and Ubiquiti and so much more with no prior knowledge.


WiFi Marketing Software

For $89 USD a month you get our complete software, management, dashboard and cloud technology to install on one Access Point, and turn your WiFi service in to an automated marketing platform with no limitations and no hidden fees.

Limited time offer, get a 14 day free trial + Canva Pro Account!

Access Point - Hardware (Optional With Us)

We do not include any Access Points (Hardware) in our solution because we want you to have the freedom to use any commercial router you may already have just by installing our software (check compatibility HERE) but if you prefer to have us ship you the Access Point, we do offer an in-house, plug and play solution ready to go, this Access Point has a one time cost of $69 USD which you can order as a separate purchase.

WiFi Marketing

$ 89


14 Day Free Trial

Canva Pro Account

Professional Management

Automated Marketing Tools

3rd Party API's

3rd Party Hardware

Customer Support


Access Point

$ 69


Powerful Reach

Plug and Play

Up to 30+ Connections

Portable Design

Auto Updating

Delivers 7-10 Days

Customer Support


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